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We put an end to nozzle clogging, foreign particles and contamination

problems in our filaments that we produce with 100% pure raw materials.

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We trust each filament we produce and we offer all the values

in the production phase to your access with the QR code on the spool and box.

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We produced our passion, we share our passion

Unlike other manufacturers, as the UZY team, we set out with the search for the "best PLA" filament, which is our passion, with our R&D studies that have been going on for more than a year, and our vast experience in 3D printers. and ultimately the excitement that surrounds us at every stage of production, which pleases us with its quality and performance. We have designed products that can meet all kinds of needs and demands, including industrial use.

100% Pure Raw Material

We produce with 100% pure raw materials

that do not contain any recycling materials.

Perfect Manufacturing

We guarantee product excellence

with quality control at 6 points.

Sustainable & Reliable

Safe filaments as no recyclables are used.

Uzy is the name of perfection in every print

Since day one, we have focused on only one goal; flawless prints. We invite you to meet Uzy's flawless filament series and experience the same perfection in every layer.


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Have you seen our unprecedented opportunities for educational institutions and nonprofits?

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