Galaxy Black - Pro PLA 1.75mm Filament 1 Kg

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Product Description

Why Choose UZY Filaments?

The Best PLA Form Produced - Meet with UZY Pro PLA Series

It is produced as 100% pure without using any extra additives, except for the world's best biopolymer raw material. We redefine the industry standard accuracy of +/-0.05 mm to +/-0.025 mm, with the highest purity, the same perfect result in every print, the same color stability from the first meter to the last meter, with the meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the production process. Meet our Pro PLA filaments.

We Created Our Passion, We Share Our Passion

Unlike other manufacturers, as the UZY team, we set out with the search for "the best PLA" filament that is our passion, which is our passion, with our R&D studies that lasted for more than a year, our vast experience on 3D printers and the excitement that surrounds us at every stage of production, which ultimately satisfies us with its quality and performance. We have designed products that can meet all kinds of needs and demands, including industrial use.

Say Goodbye to Problems! Perfect Winding & Smooth Printing

With the flawless winding we offer in all of our Pro PLA series filaments, problems such as winding-related breaks, disruptions and layer skipping during printing are completely eliminated. Moreover, thanks to the special production method we apply in the UZY Pro series, which wraps perfectly from the first meter to the last meter, you can forget about nozzle clogging, adhesion problems, diameter problems and color instability. Moreover, you can get the same results in all printer brands and models. Don't worry about long prints anymore!

Certified Quality and Flawless Manufacturing Process

The production quality process, which we follow by changing the industry standards once again, allows you to get flawless and same quality in every spool. Moreover, we are so confident in ourselves that; By scanning the QR code on the package and spool on each filament we produce, we present the technical details with all transparency, where you can see the entire production process of the filament you hold.

The raw materials and dyes used are suitable for food and produced in accordance with FDA, ROHS, ASTM D638, D790, ISO-527-1, 527-2 and 178 certification, tests and standards. All these competencies have the capacity to cover both individual and industrial needs.

What is PLA Filament?

PLA (Polyactic Acid) filament raw material is corn starch and sugar cane. These raw materials are fermented to produce biopolymers and thermoplastics. UZY Pro PLA is harmless to human health thanks to its filament raw material structure. It can be used easily in environments such as home, office and school. There is no need for a ventilation system as it gives off very little and harmless odor during printing.

Even if our Pro PLA series filaments are left in open environments, they show a staling reaction after a much longer time than similar products and have a shelf life of 3 years. Even after weeks, you can get prints without stringing.

Technical Details & 3D Print Settings
Nozzle Temparature
215 °C ± 10
Heatbed Temparature 60 °C ± 5
Needs enclousure ? Not necessary
Susceptibility to warping None
Basic, Pro, Premium Comparison